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Using DataGrid Webcontrol

Every newsgroup and discussion boards we participate, one topic that comes up very often is "How can I do this with DataGrid control?" or "How can configure that in DataGrid?". So finally we have decided to start a series of articles that will demonstrate various aspects of this versatile web control.

The use of this control is not just limited to displaying data from a database. If configured right, it can be used for a broad range of applications. As this article series progresses, we will try to demonstrate all you can accomplish with it. That does not mean that there are no more uses. Its an architecture of infinite possibilites.

This page will be acting as the index of all the articles in the series. We will keep adding the items in the table below.

1 Simple use of DataGrid
2 Customize DataGrid Header
3 Customize DataGrid Items Appearance
4 Use AutoGenerateColumns attribute to control rendering of column
5 How to dynamically populate DropDownList

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