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Lehnga Choli

Sumptuous Beauty

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Bride wearing Lehnga Choli Instead of tradional Sari

If you are new to the clothing of India, let us introduce you to the timeless beauty  of our lehnga choli AKA Langa or Lengha, which are available for petite, average and plus size women.

Lehnga Cholis have a varied and beautiful history in India. When the Moguls invaded India in early BC they brought this unique skirt and blouse combination with them.  Today's bride is more likely to wear a Lehnga Choli to her wedding than a bridal sari due to the intense weight of bridal saris. Women of all ages also love Lehnga Choli for formal occasions and dress occasions.  Women just can not go wrong with a fashion choice that has been "in" thousands of years!

Extremely beautiful and flattering to all female shapes, these suits are often HAND decorated in the traditional designs of India such as zarcosi and soonf embroidery. This type of fashion can be dated back to the 4th Century BC in India. During the height of Indian royalty, these designs became legendary and were made with real gold, silver and precious stones. Just as in ancient times, these suits are still HAND decorated to keep it as true to tradition as possible.

Click To Visit Lehnga Choli Gallery

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